About Turbolinks-android adapter

I just came across turbolinks-anroid adapter github repo, and it says that the adapter is deprecated, because of some inner working of newer versions of chrome.
I was starting an application and was planning to use Turbolinks for web, and both turbolinks-android and turbolinks-ios for apps. But after reading the [deprecated] at turbolinks-android repo, I’m very sad now.

I know it’s not an appropriate place to ask this question, but as Basecamp employees (who also happen to work on front-end of Basecamp) often reply questions on this forum, so I have this question for them, even if it’s not directly related to StimulusJs.

Will the turbolinks-android adapter-2 come in a month or so? or will it take several months? (in which case I have to look for some other option, even though I’ll miss the ease of using turbolinks-android).

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The new Turbolinks Android adapter (v2) is under active development, but it’s very early on, so we’re definitely more than a month away (probably more like many months away). Right now we don’t have any firm target dates since we’re so early in the process.

Sorry that I don’t have better news than that. As we mentioned in the deprecation notice, the changes to Chrome were too deep for us to overcome in the existing architecture, and we didn’t want to paint you into a corner and cause you to have further difficulties down the road. So while there is some short term pain without it, we think it will serve your Android app best to go with a single-activity, non-Turbolinks approach for now.



Hi Dan,
Thank you for the reply!

BTW is there no way to create the app with the version 1 of turbolinks android adapter, and when the version 2 is released, convert it to the version 2?

I wouldn’t recommend that, with what we know now. The early drafts are taking a completely new approach to navigation which could have a major impact to the implementation. The interface to the TurbolinksSession might look similar, but so much of the underlying plumbing is different that I doubt the transition would be easy/worth it.

Do you guys have a rough estimation now, about when a new version of turbolinks-android will lanuch?

Sorry, nothing super firm yet. Before the end of 2019 is likely, but beyond that it’s really hard to say. Lots of things in the air right now. Sorry!


Any updates on when the new package might be released?


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Hi @dankim!
We waited around half an year for the turbolinks-android adapter’s newer version. Is it coming any time soon?
Thank you!

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Hi guys,

Any update on this? Are you guys still on schedule to release this year?

Thanks for all your work!


Me again. Is there any update on this?


Hi @dankim is there any update on version 2 ?

@dankim thanks for all your work on turbolinks-android adapter 2.0. If possible, could you give us a project update? There are many developers, like myself, planning our roadmaps around this adapter’s timeline. Thank you!

Hi @dankim it stays very quiet around this. Is there any news. Even bad news would be helpful. The deprecated notice on GitHub still mentions a 2019 release. Are there any alternatives? Is Basecamp using the old version?

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Take a look at jayohms’ response on the issue I posted a while ago. It seems like it’s coming soon!

I read a tweet by DHH saying Hey, their new product is a bit delayed so I’m guessing it might delay the release of the adapter. We’ll have to see at RailsConf.

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For those who is waiting for turbolinks-android adapter. I new repo have been announced from basecamp.


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