I suggest a detailed cookbook for StimulusJs, upvote if you agree

Hello Everyone!

I love the idea of simplicity and frameworks like Unpoly, Turbolinks as well as StimulusJs. I have several times seen frameworks with “virtual dom” performing very poorly on mobile devices, and now a days web is used more on mobile than at desktop, so we should provide a good user experience both in mobile and desktop. Also things like Unpoly, Turbolinks and Stimuls are easier to use than all of those virtual dom based frameworks or languages which compile back to JavaScript.
When I came across Stimuls for the first time, I liked it from the very first moment and tried to learn it immediately. The official guide is great, but isn’t enough for people like me who need detailed tutorials and/or cookbook type of things.
I’d request the core team to release an official cookbook for StimulusJs, because StimulusJs needs more attention than what it’s getting.
I know it’s like asking for too much from them, but unfortunately I’m not very talented and experienced, otherwise I’d have helped write that cookbook.

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