Basecamp plans with hotwire

Hi @dhh and basecamp team.

I’m sure things will be chaotic on your side, and wish things to settle down soon for you guys soon.

Both Stimulus and Turbolinks/Turbo have been major influences to all Rails applications today due to the incredible work on the maintainers. The recent changes have been a major shock to the community to see them leave.

It would be important for the community to hear from Basecamp on what the official intentions are with these projects moving forward, and perhaps settle some nerves . As many of us have invested so much in applying these technologies into our apps or currently undergoing migrations to use these technologies. I think its important to provide some clarity on what to expect moving forward.

Much appreciated,.


The code is not going to disappear suddenly, it is useful as-is. Neither Hey is not going to be rewritten any time soon. Relax


The license is MIT. They can keep contributing.

I don’t think the code will disappear either but -best case scenario- it’s gonna take a long time to get to the point we were (code-wise) a week earlier.

@sam said he would not contribute any further.

In any case a huge THANK YOU to all the people involved so far and wish them the very very best :heart:.

Fingers crossed Hotwire will live on (…or its ideas anyway)…

Basecamp should answer this question

Basecamp will continue its development and patronage of Hotwire. We are taking a break to regroup, then will be back at it in a bit, working with whoever is interested in collaborating on the project.


Thanks @dhh great to hear and hope you guys regroup stronger!


Thanks @dhh and Basecamp.