The end of Stimulus/Hotwire?

Now that both main developers left in the wake of the Basecamp disaster, will this be the end?

Any alternatives that you worked with in the past?


I don’t know, but I think, for now, we should just say a massive, massive thank you to @sam and @javan for their amazing work on Turbo, its predecessors, Stimulus, Trix and a whole bevy of other wonderful tools they’ve been kind enough to let us all use. We are still free to use these libraries, and they will still make our lives better every day. :heart:


Hello from Japan. I could not find an appropriate word for this sad situation. Just I am sorry.
To @sam and @javan, I am always impressed by your works. I cannot thank you enough!


Thanks for your contributions @sam and @javan. I just started playing around with Hotwire 2 months ago and have been very impressed that you created a more elegant alternative to haphazard JQuery without the difficulty of taming a big project like React. This is great for a lot of the smaller projects I do where Javascript is needed, but a separate front end stack feels too heavy handed. I am sorry to see this project thrown into limbo and I hope the idea is able to live on somehow.


Thanks a lot @sam and @javan for the amazing contributions you’ve had on these projects and many others throughout all these years.