Browser loading button


Is there a way to make the browsers loading button show as loading when navigating using Turbo?

A lot of my users think the page isn’t doing anything as that button doesn’t change and the fake loading bar that Turbo adds is not visible enough. I know I can restyle it but I prefer it subtle.

I’d like the browser to look as though a full and proper page load is taking place.


I’m pretty sure that javascript can’t trigger the loading animation in tabs (if that’s what you are after) unless you trigger a reload or navigate to a different page.

As an alternative you can play around with animating the favicon on turbo events, for example changing it for a spinner. Some inspiration:

Alternatively make a favicon game as the users are waiting: DEFENDER OF THE FAVICON by @p01

I’m sure I heard about a new upcoming API that would allow us to use the browser native loading animation with things like Turbo.

I’m just struggling to find any reference to it.