FYI: turbo-rails gem version 7.1.1 was yanked

Just sharing this here as this messed up our build pipeline, and maybe someone will notice it before it messes up theirs.

If you’re using turbo-rails 7.1.1, that gem has been yanked, and you should “upgrade” to 0.8.2 or higher. See Revert to 0.8.2 (bumping the version to 7.1.1 happened in error, conf… · hotwired/turbo-rails@31e19cb · GitHub

My Gemfile.lock has turbo-rails (7.1.1) after running bundle update with Gemfile having gem "turbo-rails", ">= 0.8.2"

Not relying on Turbo is a small toy app, so not important I get this right; but curious of how this should be handled.

@MtnBiker gem uninstall turbo-rails. Choose all versions. This will clear any cached copies of the gem from your local machine, which would be confusing bundler. Once you’ve done that, just a bundle install should fix you up.

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Also had to delete Gemfile.lock but now good. Thank you ghiculescu