How do you implement lazy load skeleton?

I know this sound obvious. Just use src:some_path attribute and loading: :lazy on turbo_frame_tag.
Yes. I did that, follow this tutorial: Lazy-loading content with Turbo Frames and skeleton loader | Boring Rails: Skip the bullshit and ship fast

But here is my problem:

My UI has a search form (using Ransack) and a table with sortable on the header and pagination at the bottom. Following the tutorial, I created 2 separate controllers, one for the show page, and one for lazy load.

Everything went well, for the first-page load. However, now whenever I click on the table header to sort. The UI doesn’t show loading. I know it’s b/c it is a different link to a different controller. To overcome this, I can fix the sort method to update the link. The same with pagination too.

Re-implement these methods just takes a lot of time. Is there any way to use the lazy load without re-implement these methods?

Or is there any better way to implement this kind of lazyload? It seems I’m doing it all wrong.

Thank you for your time!