Is it possible to use Strada with HTMX?

Hi .

I have an app that uses HTMX . It is a heavily backend app, and HTMX is mostly responsible for interactivity, serving HTML responses. I’m looking for options to bring this app unto mobile platforms. I want to keep my UI, since it’s already mobile friendly, and I want to avoid going JSON API / Native and re-implementing my UI.

PWA is not an option because of Apple’s stance on PWA in app store.

I started looking at Strada as a possible option.

I was wondering if anyone had this or similar experience, and ran into any issues? Is it even possible, or is Strada too intergrated with the rest of Hotwire?

Thank you

P.S.: My backend app is not Rails.
HTMX was used as a great option to gradually remove and replace React and a lot of other JS libs.

I might have made some wrong assumptions here. I have not used Hotwire yet at all, other than reading docs. The last Rails app I built was in Rails 5 with PJAX :smile:

This thread might be helpful

Thank you. Yep I saw that before.

I guess what I’m looking for an example or tutorial on how to get turbo-ios / turbo-android & possibly strada , to work with HTMX website.

Or do I need to duplicate HTMX functionality somehow?