Strada Release Date

When will Strada be released?


I wonder it as well since;

Strada will premiere in 2021

is written on website. Is it postponed or halted or on its way, so we can use before the end of 2021?

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We’re still working on polishing Strada. Might slip into 2022. We’ll see.

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@david what problem will it solve?

Letting the HTML drive native UI configuration in apps built with Turbo Native iOS and Android.


@david sounds interesting! What about the problem that accessing native functionality (push, camera, …) requires writing all code twice in two different programming languages (kotlin & swift). Any abstraction layer / single language approach / plugin system planned to address that?

Strada doesn’t address that. It’s built for Turbo Native, which in turn is built for fully-native-by-the-platform apps. You’ll need something else if you want an abstraction higher than that. Though if you pick that, you can of course still embed Webviews and use Turbo with those :+1:

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Gotcha. Just curious why you are not considering to address it in the bigger Hotwire ecosystem. Do you think it is not a common / difficult enough problem to solve? Or is there another technology that can be combined with turbo native that solves this?


I think you would use something like NativeScript although im not sure how it’ll slot into the build. It seems to use webpack so I assume you would have to include whatever it generated somehow with the Strada stuff.

@dhh not sure if this is the place, but Strada will be pretty instrumental to what we’re rolling out, so if you want some help prepping for the release, I’m volunteering.

Hey @david, is there anything new you can share with us about Strada and it’s release date?


@david Strada has slipped into 2023 - no big deal, but would love to get any update on how far along it is and why it has slipped into a new year twice now! Let us know if there’s anything we in the community can help with to help you and the team get it out.

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Yeah, this has taken a lot longer than anticipated. By it’s on our schedule for early this year. Fingers crossed that’ll be the ticket :smile:


I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

It’s almost April @dhh any updates on Strada availability?

It’s actively being worked on. But don’t hold your breath (for any open source release, not just strada :smile:).


Any possible release date?