Is the framework still actively maintained?

I came across stimulus, and instantly liked it, infact it is a type of framework tht i would prefer to use in for most of my small to medium size apps. I have actually developed a small homegrown framework for ourself using jquery which works on the similar concept (Html rendered by server, controllers attached to dom nodes and responsible for managing everything under tht node…, mutation observers for watching dom to init/destroy controllers etc

stimulus does all thing tht my existing little framework does, plus it does more things and does it better. I would like to introduce stimulus, however looking at github commit frequency, i am little confused about the current state and roadmap of the project. There has not been any new release since a long time, just few commits in last couple of months etc.

Would you suggest starting new projects with it ?

Hey @snimavat!

This is best answered by someone like @javan or @sam, but best I can tell it is. It might not seem like it compared to much bigger projects out there that are constantly evolving, but the surface area of Stimulus is a fraction of the size. Less code to maintain, less features necessary to effectively meet the goals of the project. This results in a small, stable codebase that doesn’t need to change very often and everything you learn about it will still be applicable in a year.

It sounds like this is a framework that jives with you - my recommendation is go for it. Personally, I don’t have any hesitation starting new personal or commercial projects with it.

Yes, it’s actively maintained. It’s just stable, which seems to be a dirty word in the JS world.

v2.0 should come out this summer.

Just to set your mind at ease, Stimulus is made by the folks behind Rails, Basecamp and soon, Hey. It’s not going anywhere.