Migrating a native app from Turbolinks to Turbo

Has anyone migrated an web + native app from Turbolinks to the new magic?

Current state is:

  • website using turbolinks
  • native app using turbolinks-ios

If we point the native app to an instance of the website that’s migrated to Turbo, the app doesn’t get past here:

I wouldn’t expect turbolinks-ios to work with a Turbo-equipped website, but it does pose a problem. If we ship the Turbo-upgraded website, the app stops working for all current users, until Apple approves an update that converts it to use the new Turbo adapter.

Has anyone gone through this process or got any creative ideas on how we can transition safely?

Ahhhh, I missed the bit in https://github.com/hotwired/turbo-ios/blob/main/Docs/Migration.md where the new turbo-ios works with Turbo 7 and Turbolinks 5.

So we need to upgrade the iOS app first, and then we can upgrade the website once a majority of users have upgraded their apps.

Not ideal, but I guess that will work, unless anyone has better ideas :slight_smile: