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Navigating back with Turbo error

Hi everyone,

This may or may not be related directly to Turbo but I encountered a strange error.

Given that I am at the search result page `/used/?q=Hello`
and I click on the result link to arrive at the page `/used/listings/hello-world`
When I click on the back button on the browser, 
Then I see the location from URL bar has been changed back to `/used/?q=Hello`
But the HTML is still the HTML of `/used/listings/hello-world`

The console also doesn’t produce any error messages.
Have you ever faced an issue like that before? What could produce this kind of error ?
Any pointer on how I should go about debugging this?

For additional info, I have been using Turbo together with algolia instantsearch.js to implement my search and it is working beautifully. This error happend when I implemented algolia’s search-insights for click tracking,

I’ve seen this occur when something is attempting to manage the javascript history outside the Turbo library (e.g. History.pushState() - Web APIs | MDN)