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RailsConf 2019 Minneapolis

I’m heading to RailsConf 2019 in Minneapolis this week with a few of my Basecamp co-workers.

There are two Stimulus-related sessions on the schedule:

  • Noel Rappin has a Rails 6 Front End workshop, covering Stimulus and Webpacker, on Tuesday after the opening keynote.

    Sometimes you need to have something happen in the browser. You don’t need a Single Page App, but you do want some client-side interactions. Rails 6 has great tools for simplifying the complex JavaScript ecosystem. We’ve got Webpacker, the default asset pipeline for JavaScript tooling, and Stimulus, a small library from Basecamp that brings Rails convention over configuration to JavaScript tools. As a result, it’s easier than ever to build user interactions with Rails-friendly tools. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll take a simple Rails app, and use Webpacker and Stimulus to add some front-end flair. No prior knowledge of Webpack or Stimulus is required.

  • John Beatty will be speaking about building Progressive Web Apps with Rails and Stimulus on Tuesday afternoon.

    Progressive Web Apps are a constellation of conventions. Those conventions fit neatly into Rails, without the need to introduce a complicated Javascript front end. By embracing core Rails technologies like ActiveJob, ActionCable, Russian Doll Caching, and sprinkles of Stimulus, you can deliver powerful and immersive front end web apps.

If you’ll be there, I’d love to meet and hear about how you’re using Stimulus and/or Turbolinks. I also have some stickers to share. Cheers!


Sounds great! I’ll be at the Progressive Web Apps talk. I’m flying in from Denmark for my first RailsConf, so I definitely want a sticker to show for it :smile: Save one for me, will ya’?

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Oh, and I look forward to meeting you all :pray: