Useful documentation for Turbo and Stimulus

Hi, I’m a ruby on rails developer and turbo is very useful for me. I learned turbo from youtube videos. Is there any plan to gather all documents for turbo and stimulus for rails? I think we need a better documentation for Turbo and Stimulus for rails with step by step examples. Is there any video series or alternative documentation which i can use for a guidance in my rails projects. Thanks in advance.


A persistent weakness of Rails. And with the many recent changes, is falling even further behind. The many helpful blogs and videos focus on the shiny new toys, and sometime rely on tools or gems that they favor but aren’t the defaults. It’s great to have those, but would help if they stated more clearly that they were not mainstream tools and also stated at what point in the transition to new versions and options they were using. Many of the available posts used v7 betas and aren’t updated to final release.

The Getting Started with Rails page makes no mention of recent changes and options. That page shouldn’t confuse people with too many options, But with all the talk about Webpack, Stimulus, Turbo, Bootstrap and Tailwind; not seeing any mention of those is confusing. But if you know enough to contribute, please do.

All that said I found The Turbo Rails Tutorial particularly good for Turbo and Stimulus discussion. --css=sass --javascript=esbuild options were used with no explanation (at least initially) as to why. In going back and looking at the post, I realize that he is starting to post a book. GoRails and Drifting Ruby have been active and helpful.

Most posters think the changes are for the best and are improving Rails, so the transition may be confusing but good.