[stimulusjs] Is it possible to pass param from select option to controller

Hi, as we know there’s a new cool param feature since ver 3. I wonder is it possible to pass somehow param when choosing select option. Like

<select data-action="change->visibility#toggle" >
   <option data-visibility-switch-map-param="daily" value="daily">Daily</option>
   <option data-visibility-switch-map-param="weekly" value="weekly">Weekly</option>
   <option data-visibility-switch-map-param="monthly" value="monthly">Monthly</option>

I’v resolved it temporary by just reading value from target like:

const switchMap = event.params.switchMap ? event.params.switchMap : event.target.value

, but wondered if it’s possible to do it without just pass param somehow.

No, this is not possible with a select element. Another alternative would be to get the option using


But if the value is the same as data attribute, then your solution is better.

thanks, as expected but preferred to make sure :slight_smile: Yep, seems that event.target.value is set properly