Turbo iOS freezes when returning to home screen

I suspect I’m missing something obvious here…

I’m adapting some of the code from the demo app in an iOS app using Turbo (mostly Drive, with some frames here and there). When I navigate to another screen, the app correctly pushes a new view controller onto the stack, but when I press the back button at the top — or swipe back from the left edge — the previous view controller freezes and stays stuck with the spinner visible.

For the life of me, I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong, or even how to debug it.

I’m using turbo-rails 7.0.0-beta.5 and turbo-ios 7.0.0-beta.1. The app is a Rails 6.1 app. Not sure what else would be useful in terms of debug info but happy to provide any further information if anyone can think of anything!


Everything is working fine for my project.
So, without any code, it’s not really possible to help you.