Versioning the docs site

I was wondering if there are any plans to version the docs site?

The Handbooks and Reference pages for Turbo and Stimulus are great, however I’ve noticed that there is no way to browse the sites by a particular Turbo or Stimulus version. It’s also not made clear when a particular part of the documentation is only relevant for Version X and up. For example, the Turbo handbook page on Smooth page refreshes with morphing documents functionality added in Turbo 8.0.0, but that’s not made clear on that page.

I feel like this could catch people out pretty easily (not realising that a feature isn’t applicable to the version in their app), and being able to browse the docs for a particular version of Turbo or Stimulus, the way that is possible with the Rails docs, would be super useful.

I’d be keen to contribute if there was an interest in adding versioning to the docs site.