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Versioned Reference/Handbook?

Hey all,

I’m curious if the handbook and reference (which I think are straightforward and well written, BTW!) are versioned. Our team may be stuck with Stimulus 2 for a little while, and since we’re all very new to Stimulus, accurate docs would really be helpful.

Can I find the version 2 docs somewhere? I would expect something like to exist.


This would be helpful, I agree. You could browse the github repo at the point in time of the 2.0.0 release tag, but it’s obviously less readable than the site. And fixes to the docs committed later won’t be included either. So not a very good solution.

Anyway, it’s better than nothing: stimulus/docs at v2.0.0 · hotwired/stimulus · GitHub

GitHub - hotwired/stimulus-site: web site

GitHub - hotwired/turbo-site: web site