Turbo 8 thanks and handbook versioning

I have been building some workarounds to allow a broadcast to trigger page reloads and updates without affecting areas open for editing etc. Necessary for pages that are filetered or allow edting. I knew Turbo8 was going to help with this, but I hadn’t spotted that it was released. I thought it was going to take a while to develop!!

I would like to say a big thanks to those who have worked on this - it is going to help so much.

Actually I only realised it is now available when I was reading the Hotwired hanbook and noticed paragraphs on morphing and scroll preservation etc. I was sure I handn’t seen those before, or was it that I hadn’t read it properly previously. I must have somehow missed the announcement. I found a couple of useful posts about Turbo 8 and it looks like it should be straight forward to upgrade. But the handbook does not seem to cover version changes etc.

I looked to see what version the handbook related to and noticed there is no versioning or date information on the handbook at all. The document is well written, and I think versioning information would be a useful addition.

Again my thanks to those working on this stuff. I am now excited to get on and try it out . I reckon it’s going to save me a lot of time and allow me to get on rapidly with some new features I am being asked for.

ps. I have now signed up for 37Signals posts. Guess I should have done that a while ago.


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