Turbo do not work for frames rendered from other subdomain

when I render code from other subdomain, all links (all points to other subdomain) are called as GET, not as data-turbo-method=“delete” for example.

Can this be somehow done? Or it’s a turbo limitation - not working outside subdomain, or on data rendered inside frame (frame renders a page from different subdomain)

For example:

= turbo_frame_tag "ats_languages", src: job_application_languages_url(job_id: vacancy.id, subdomain: 'www')

it loads perfectly, but all link and forms inside it are not using turbo.

By default, Turbo Drive only loads URLs with the same origin—i.e. the same protocol, domain name, and port—as the current document. A visit to any other URL falls back to a full page load.

Same origin includes subdomains.

see: Navigate with Turbo Drive

Yeah that’s I understand, my problem is how to force Turbo to works for all subdomains.