Turbo Frames, links and absolute URLs

I currently try to load a frame from another page (different domain) into a website, on click.

Now I hit a dead end, as clicking the link always directly opens the external page instead of loading it’s turbo frame with the same ID into the current page.

So, I wondered, is this a limitation of Turbo Frames? Interesting enough, lazy loading it (without an additional click) works without issues, lazy loading it on click doesn’t seem to, even though the link has a matching data-turbo-frame attribute with the correct ID.

It doesn’t seem to be an issue with relative URLs.

Seems like a design decision according to the docs. In general, I’d expect this not to work for most third-party sites anyways due to CORS.

hmm, but that’s weird, because as said, lazy loading (not on click but directly) works with other origins. And I actually have full control over the other domain and set the correct CORS headers to allow this request.

Not yet sure that’s the wanted behaviour or a bug because it works with other features of the turbo-frame.