Interference from <script> tags within partials?

As with many of us, I’m trying to integrate Stimulus into an existing Rails app with lots of messy one-off script tags that perform simple functions. (I know, I know.) Ideally, I’d like to refactor all of these, but, in the meantime, they do the job. But, now with Stimulus … maybe not?

I have a particularly complicated page with many forms, each with a Stimulus controller. Inside some of the forms, I call partials to render fields, some of which have <script> sections to perform JS specific to that partial.

I haven’t been able to troubleshoot completely through this, but it seems that the script tags are interfering with my Stimulus controller. On initialize() or connect(), it’s looking for a few targets later in the page, and it doesn’t find them if there are <script> tags that are rendered higher in the page than those targets. If I remove the <script>s, Stimulus acts as expected. Or if I move them to after the Stimulus controller (or maybe even outside the scope of each controller), it also works.

Obviously, there could be specific code inside my <script> that is causing problems, but I tried just inserting empty <script></script>, and it also seems to interfere.

So, question: Does Stimulus not play well with <script> tags? Or might there be something else going on here?

That sounds like an issue that we fixed in Stimulus v1.1.0. What version are you using?

Thanks, javan, yes, the issue you link is exactly what is happening.

I was on 1.0.1 and upgraded to 1.1, and I think this has fixed it. Sorry, I searched but didn’t the issue discussed previously.

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